Making Doughnuts Or Dollars


We all have desires or Dreams for something we want to be, do, have or a cause we want to help. No matter what it maybe there is a financial cost associated with obtaining, creating, or acquiring your desire.

Whether you desire hot fresh doughnuts or cold hard cash, you must learn and master a Process to make either one!

Do you have goals/dreams of making a million dollars or becoming a Millionaire....or in other terms, Living your life with no debt, no stress, no limits to how you wanna Live or what you want to do?

Everything costs! So financially speaking, Begin by learning a process within one of your personal areas of interest which energizes your Natural talents...follow the process in order to start making $1-$100 Profit per day--everyday. Profit = making a sale, trading assets, or investing...we are not talking about punching a clock for a wage. We are talking about taking your wages you earned from your Job and making money with that!

The time invested in Learning how to make $1-$100 a day from your $ is your Homework. It may be difficult at first...and, you should expect it to be! So, decide, commit, pay attention, and don

More Money, More Problems

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More money, more problems.... Money is your is your Natural ability. You were born with Natural talents. You have More Money to resolve More Problems! There is no problem your REAL Money can

Fun Stuff (Big Fast Toys)


If you have done something significant in your financial life to position yourself with more than enough financial resources that you can play around & enjoy some fun stuff... I highly recommend this Fisker Karma! And, please come by to show it off to me...I'd love to take it for a spin with you, thank you for asking. ;-)

Are you grappling with issues
around your current or future finances not being enough to do the things you really want to do--or need to do for yourself and/or your children?

How long have you been dealing with these issues? Do you want to resolve the issue now or later?

Buy or Create 'Something'. Then, Sell it for more than you bought it for to produce a Profit. This is the essence of Business. // Take a portion of your Profit and Buy or Create 'Something' again or lend it to another Entity that also produces a Profit. This is the essence of Investing. //

Do you want to be in control of your Life or do you enjoy having somebody else be the one in control of your Life? If you do not Buy or Create 'something', you do not Sell 'something' are not making any sales...and you are producing a Profit.

If you do not produce a Profit and you do not Invest to produce a Proft, you will never be in control of your Life.

If you are not producing a Profit and you are not Investing for a Profit... You are not 'really' the One in control of your Life, at least not your financial life!

The One who produces a Profit is the One who has the Power to create a Job for his/her Self, Jobs for his/her own children and family members, and also has the Ability to Write paychecks for other children--who's Parents did not Buy or Create 'something' to sell for a Profit and/or did not Invest for a Profit either.

Remember, the One who Sells and/or Invests for a Profit is the One who is in control of their own future. Think about it.

Expecting the best,


Pass the Profits! Swing traders are gettin HIGH (ROC%) off the 'green green' stocks. I'm long $PHOT $MJNA breakouts.

Hey, you don't have to be a chef to own a Restaurant, you don't have to be a football player to own an NFL franchise, you don't have to like coffee to become wealthy from Starbuck's, and you don't need to agree with or even smoke to multiply your Capital by x2, x5, x10 either!

Let me make the disclaimer:: I am not a financial advisor and do not manage or advise anyone on their personal capital investments. Seek a professional licensed to advise the public and on any of your investments. I am an independent stock trader, I manage my own capital! And, I encourage others to take control of their own financial life too.

I am looking forward to gettin' HIGH (Return-On-Capital) off these 'green' stock picks this week!!! ;-)

Expecting the best,


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